Theme of 2014 - "Secret and Evident "

Kindly inform all what the Artzond festival has been postponed until spring of 2014.
Every one are Welcome for participation!

Application is still on.

Tasks and goals of Artzond

The Festival ARTZOND – is a revived former project ARTCONCEPT, which was conducted since 2004. Basic material about ARTCONCEPT festival attached in archives.

Our festival is focus on the creators of conceptual art. We seek works by artists and experimenters who successfully creates new experiences, innovators, who develops new aesthetic layers. The purpose of ARTZOND is to develop a festival of the syncretic arts. Action, performance, installation, multimedia - considered "boundary" fields in relation to traditional art - demand more serious attention and study. We hope to present, as far as possible, the most tendentious currents in the modern cultural process. The festival's aim is to collect together under one roof diverse creative artists - painters, poets, musicians, writers, film-directors, multi-media creators, art-critics. By collaborating on a single stage, artists of various disciplines will be motivated to look at the process of creating art on a broader scale, to push themselves beyond their narrow field of specialization. In this way, we hope to get a new art ambience, a language of art more coherent and distinct than we have previously used. From this effort, perhaps, can emerge a core group of artists with common vision and goals.


Categories of Festival

I. "Inst-Perf-Act" (I-P-A) - installation, performance, action,object, happening, dance.
II. "Mega-Sound" - works in any musical genre, DJ productions and voice experiments..
III. "Video-Nonevideo" - photo, cinema, video, movie, multimedia.
IV. "Alpha - Betha" - prose, verses, art-critic (art critical probing), document.
V. "Some-Thing" - this category is for artists who think their work doesn't fit in any of the previous categories.
VI. Concept-Archive - Shows the archive of festival.
Important aspect of the festival is - "Art Laboratories". Artists who participate and will exhibit two types of work:
1. Works the artist created before the festival, and, exhibited at the festival.
2. Works created in a collaborative way during the Art Laboratory.

Phones: +78123153383 ; +79213244865
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