Artzond Festival is the International Forum of Contemporary Conceptual Arts.

Dear Friends, Authors. Under the circumstances, the festival is postponed to another term and time. The information of a new festival will be shown as time will come.

Categories of Festival

I. “Inst-Perf-Act” (I-P-A) – installation, performance, action,object, happening, dance.
II. “Mega-Sound” – works in any musical genre, DJ productions and voice experiments..
III. “Video-Nonevideo” – photo, cinema, video, movie, multimedia.
IV. “Alpha – Betha” – prose, verses, art-critic (art critical probing), document.
V. “Some-Thing” – this category is for artists who think their work doesn’t fit in any of the previous categories.
VI. Concept-Archive – Shows of archive of the festival.
* One important aspect of the festival will be “Art Laboratories”. Artists who participate will exhibit two types of work:
1. Works the artist created before the festival, and, exhibited at the festival.
2. Works created in a collaborative way during the Art Laboratory (workshops)


Alexander Bashirov – film-actor, film-director, (St.Petersburg)
Leo Königsberg – artist, curator, (Berlin)
Hans H. Schellenberg – film-maker, cameraman (Zürich)
Marc Salmon – script-writer, film-director, (Paris)
Ossi Kajas – photographer, gallerist, curator, (Helsinki)


Director, curator – Andrey Efi
Art Director – Svetlana Nezabudkina
Producer – Elena Shalina
Coordinator – Natella Khalishkova

You may phone for question : +7(812)315-3383 +7(950)0348745