Participants 2004 | Artconcept-01 |

26- 30 May 2004 | Eco Club Saint-Petersburg

Inst-Perf-Act (I-P-A)

Lenny Lee (UK) – ‘ English Breakfast’ (VHS)
Theatre “Forest House”(Russia) – ” (live) 26.05.04
Darshana Vora (Australia) – ‘Peace Patience’ (DVD)
Sala Wong and Peter Williams (Canada) – ‘Please Be Seated’ (DVD)
Sara Rees and Paul Hurley (Wales) – ‘Arena’ (live)
Eliza Fernbach (USA) – ‘Galloping Requiem’ (DVD)
Tim Olien (Russia) – ‘Nova Toria Vision’ (live)
Eva Caridi (Greece) – ‘Genesis’ (DVD)
Karolina Kucia (Poland) – ‘Please, touch/don’t touch me. I’m your double'(live)Steve Hines (UK) – ‘8 x 8’ (DVD)
Graciela Ovejero (Canada) – ‘Write to me…’ (DVD)
Mark Oliver (USA) – ‘Daoi’ (DVD)
Lucy Suggate (UK) – ‘ A – 2’ (VHS)
Maxim Iliukhin (Russia) – ‘A dress of Artist’ (VHS)
Beth Cassani (UK) – ‘Deep Water’ (VHS)
Natasha Mayran (France) – ‘Melancholy’ (VHS)
Jenny Jones (UK) – ‘The doodlemuseum’ (DVD)
Michael Mayhew (UK) – ‘Always forgetting what is beneath me’ (VHS)
Nail Sagirov, Faiz Kamalov (Russia) – “Etude”(live)

Mega – Sound

“Sound Script 33” (Russia) – (live) 27.05.04
IDDI (sound band) (Russia) – ‘Waiting’ (live) 28.05.04
Theater Palm (Russia) – ‘Pinezh’s Pushkin’ (MP-4)+(live) 28.05.04
Jenya Gljukk (Russia )-‘Mafozes’ (live) 28.05.04
Willi Landsknecht (Germany) – ‘on/in’ (CD-ROM MPGEG-3)
Mono-Stereo (Russia) – (live) 29.05.04
Katja Vartanova (Russia) – performance (live) 29.05.04
Testcard (UK) – ‘Nosferatu’ (CD)
Orjan Righard and Jens Loden (Sweeden/Germany) – ‘The Electric Chair’ (CD)

Video – Nonevideo

Timur Novikov (Russia) – ‘Golden Section’ (VHS)
Maike Zimmermann (UK) – ‘FURTHER-CLOSER’ (live)+(DVD)Maia Pai (Russia) – ‘Spoons’ (live+DVD
Marc Salmon (France) – ‘Gift’ (VHS)
Tora Krogh and Manuel Bozzo (Norwegian/Italy) – ‘<>8’ (VHS)
Hotel Pro Forma (Denmark) – ‘Site seeing Zoom’ (VHS)
Teemu Maki (Finland) – ‘People Appear from Nothing’ (VHS) Lane Last (USA) – “After Thoughts” (DVD)
Gadi Baruch (Israel) – “TV SLIT” (DVD)
М-Design ( S.Kudas & A.Lebedev) (Russia) – ‘Meeting a Nose’ (DVD)
Liz Hughes (Australia) – ‘Cat’s Cradle’ (VHS)
Hans H. Schellenberg (Switzerland) – ‘What’s Happiness’ (VHS)
T.R.O. (international artgroup, based in Berlin) – ‘PULSAR’ (VHS)
Marina Chernikova (Netherland) – ‘Lost Satellite’ (VHS)
Anton Litvin (Russia) – ‘Heaven Service’ (VHS)
John Milton Branton (Canada) – Tears of a Lotus (VHS)
Gillian McIver (Canada / UK) – ‘Passenger’ (VHS)
Dmity Frolov (Russia) – ‘Something like that’ (VHS)
Vassiliea Stylianidou (Greece) – “do you want to kill me, baby”(DVD)
Elefteria Rizou (Greece) – ‘Frida’ (VHS)

Alpha – Betha

Lev Malomeed (Izrael) – ‘Note Books’ (live+DVD)
Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (Thailand/Sweden) – ‘Wishes, Lies and Dreams III’ (VHS)
Tamara Bukowsakaja (Russia) – ‘Mortal Show: a man-poet’ (live)
Valery Mishin (Russia) – ‘We are seating into arse’ (installation)

Some – Thing

Kristin Anderson (USA) – “You Are What You Do” (Installation)
Agnieszka Kucia (Poland) – ‘Map’ (live)
Ingrid Koivukangas – (Canada) – (online)
Vladimir Filiev (Russia) – ‘A bath’ (VHS)
ANU (Canada / Afghanistan) – ‘ANU’ (VHS)
Leading Tone Arts Productions (Canada) – (online)
Miika Nyyssenen (Finland) – (online)

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