Participants 2005 | Artconcept-Platforma |

Date – 25 – 30 May 2005 | Platforma club, Nekrasova 40

Inst-Perf-Act (I-P-A)

Christo and Jeanne-Claude (USA) – “Over the River”
Odd Dance Theatre (Russia) – “Improvisations” ( Art – laboratory)
Michael Mayhew (UK) – “Hello I Love You”(performance)
Mark Oliver (USA) – “Feces Awareness”, “Theories of Resistance”(DVD)
Tony Lopez (UK) – “Wall-Object” (installation)
Joel Cahen (UK) – “SPAX-OID” (performance/installation)
Patricia Jauch (USA) – “The Warp and Weft of Consciousness”
Jukka Korpi, Sten Sandell (Sweden) – “Melodica Anatomica” (performance -Live)
Anna Marcus (Russia) – “End to a War” (installation)
Peter Lerner (Russia) – “Window to Europe” (installation)
Ioanna Kazaki (Greece) – “Findings from the planet earth” (installation)
Bernard Foucher (France) – “Memory”
Adi Weizmann Aharoni (Israel) – “Crossroads”
Felix Volosenkov (Russia) -“Square Trinomial” (object)
Nika Kuhtina (Russia) – “Test. Choose the color” (interactive media action)
Hayrick (Russia) – “Autumn” (live)

Mega – Sound

Jenja Glukk (Russia) – ‘Maofozies’ (Russia) (live)
“Sound Script 33″(Russia) -(live)
“IDDI” (Russia) – (presentation of album)
Theater “Palm” (Russia) – “Pinehz’s Pushkin”
Willi Landsknecht (Germany) – 1:1 (continue)
Oren Kawaii (Izrail) – “4 new sound-traks”
Axel Schulss (Germany) – “Zeitlos klasse platte” (presentation of album)
“PUDRA” (Russia) – (presentation of album)
Ilja Seletsky (Russia) – “Me and Marta” (Live)
Rosanna Guy Greaves (UK) – ‘Your Shadow At My Back’

Video – Nonevideo

John Milton Branton (Canada) – “Yesterday Upon the Stair” (DVD)
Andrey Efi (Russia) – “Bums” (DVD)
Clemens Goldbach (Germany) – “The suitcase of a journey” (movie, DVD)
М-Design (S.Kudas & A.Lebedev) (Russia) – “Nose”
T.R.O. (international artgroup, based in Berlin) – ‘Tea with a Majesty”
Maria Zennstrem & Johanes Bergmark (Sweden) – “Katarinas sovjetiska upplevelser’ (movie)
Gillian McIver (Canada / UK) – “SENTENCE”
Milo Taylor (UK) “REQUIEM”- (Winner of Derelict Sensation Film Award 2003)
Gillian McIver&Nazir Tanbouli – “ASHRI / I FEEL GOOD”
Hilary Powell (UK) – SCRAPLANDS
Elena Nemkova (Russia) – “Serious” (DVD)
Eva Caridi (Greece) – “Split in TWO” (DVD)
Joel Cahen (UK) – “BUSBUG” – (Winner of Halloween Festival Best Low-Budget Film 2004)
Dmitry Frolov (Russia) – “Father’s meat ” (movie)
“Ten minutes of silence”
Kathrin Ollroge (Germany) – “CONCRETE ISLANDS” (photo)
Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (Taiwan) – “Wishes, Lies and Dreams II”
Corinne N. Othenin-Girard (Australia) – “The golden egg and other tales”
Angela Bartram (UK) – ‘Fur Kiss’ , ‘Speechless Acts’ (DVD)
Dmitriy Samsonkov (Russia) – “Moscow-Naphthalene”, “Infancy”
Andrey Sovlachkov, Michael Gnedin, Victoria Kashtan (Russia) – “The Story about Chaos City”
Lillo and Borzch (Russia) – “Movies”)

Alpha – Betha

Karl Wolff (Germany) – “Ex Oriente Luxus” (presentation of a poetry book)
Gluklia, Irina Dudina and girls (Russia) – “Golden Foot” (live)
Tamara Bukowsakaja (Russia)- presentation of the literature magazine “ACT”(live)
Valery Mishin (Russia) – “Quadrotext” (live)
Sebastian Schlicher – “Apples, Bums, Puzzles, and Eggcups; Oh The Guilt)

Some – Thing

Joseph Beuys – Program about activity of the artist Eintritt in ein Lebewesen (1977) and others…
Anna Maria Giannini (UK) – “(Dis)Locate”
Ingrid Koivukangas – (Canada) – (online)
Leading Tone Arts Productions (Canada) – (online)
Miika Nyyssenen (Finland) – (online)
Abigail Jones (UK) – “Bureau of Problem Solving” (online)

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