Participants 2006 | Artconcept-Manhattan |

Date – 1-4 June 2006 | Manhattan club, embankment Fontanka 90

Inst-Perf-Act (I-P-A)

Daniel Palacios Jimenez (Spain) – ”Der unbekannte einwanderer”
Peter Walsh (UK) – “Africa, Animals Are Starving Too” (Poster)
Michael Mayhew (UK) – “China Shorts”
Ingrid Shults (USA) – “Body Consumable: Ephemeral and consumable”
JadO & Grit Grit Ruhland (Germany)

Mega – Sound

Rachel Gordon (Israel / USA) – “Bye Bye Baby (Hair action)”
Sound Script 33″ (Russia) – “A heaven for Angeles” (presentation of a new album)
“Mono-Stereo” (Russia) – ‘Gayzy’
“Abah -Khay” (Russia) – Sheng

Video – Nonevideo

Benjamin Bellas (USA) – “I was determined to make you love me…”
Diane Rickerby (UK) – “Song with Four Parts”, “Story in Three Parts”
Jessica Rose Witte (USA) – “Made Up”
Jill L. Wissmiller (USA) – “J-WOMAN ”
Mark Sedwick (UK) – “What others have said”
Xavier Society – Videodrone
Dmitriy Frolov (Russia) – “Clownery”
PauloHenrique (England / Portugal) – “Contract with the skin” , “Around One”
Heather Passmore – (Canada) – “The bikini project” Joseph Connelly (Israel) -“Life would be a dream”
Iraida Lombardia (Spain) – “Preterito Pluscuamperfecto”.
Lasse Raa (Norway) – “Worms”, “Recode”, “Chronologue”
Anna Marcus (Russia) – “Mandalas of reflected world”
Niki Russell and Dan Williamson (UK) -“Plinths: Cut-up”
Celine Trouillet (France)- “ROMANCE”
Jennifer Caldwell (Australia) – “Square Story”
Clemens Goldbach (Germany) – ” The occidental obsession concerning the mystery of materia -II ”
Nika Kukhtina (Russia) – ‘Poultry market’
AGE multimedia group (Russia) – “DAS ENDE” Sophio Medoidze (UK) – ‘Details Did Disappeared’ )

Alpha – Betha

Jurgen Trautwein (USA) – “The sleep of reason”
Paul Lewis (USA) – “Fakture or Faktura”)

Some – Thing

Robert Huber & Tim Birtwistle (Germany / UK) – ” te+m=Kc ”
Sala Wong & Peter Williams (USA) – “HATS DREAMS” , “3344”
GRUPPO SINESTETICO (Albertin , Perseghin , Sassu , Scordo) (Italy)
Lorena Rodriguez Briscoe (Argentina) – “MNEMOSINE”
Martin John Callanan (USA), – “I am Still Alive”

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