Participants 2008 | Artconcept-Pushkinskaia-10

Date – 28-30 June 2008 | Pushkinskaia-10

Inst-Perf-Act (I-P-A)

JAEPAS (Germany) – ‘Kasparov’ (performance, Live)
Mike Pacey (UK) – ‘Hapless Fictions (Set Adrift’) (DVD)
Anna Mishina-Vaskova (Russia) – ‘Disappearances’
Nadezhda Anfalova (Russia) – ‘Shop windows’
Olav Ringdal (Norway) -‘connecting to the theme’ (performance -Live)
Anna Fenemore (UK) – ‘The Rehearsal (a trilogy)’
Andrey Efi (Russia) and Demetrius Spaneas (USA) – ‘Carefree Princess’ (performance – Live) 29.06.2008
Katherine Skeldon (UK) – ‘Outward together’ (photo)
Theatre ‘Forest Home’ (Russia) – ‘Touch of Sense’ (performance – Live)
Odd-Dance Group (Russia) – ‘IMPRO’ (performance – Live)
Danny Glix (USA) – ‘Psychedelia ink’
Graham Martin (UK) – ‘Post its’ and ‘Regarding art peace’ (actions)
Anna Marcus (Russia) – ‘Status- is amount of feathers’ (installation)
Marta Ziyiek (Poland) – ‘Bloody game’
Marina Russkihk (Russia) – ‘Secret Territory’
Perry Rath – ‘Soul Cakes’
Ekaterina Chistiakova (Russia) – ‘PRODROME’)

Mega – Sound

Demetrius Spaneas (USA) -‘BAJALICA, Aeolian Windbag,in Celebration of Sunrise, Native New Yorker’
Klaus Tesching (Germany) – ‘Duchamp revisited-Hardrock Version’
Dmitriy Fedorov (Russia) – ‘Sky under the feet’
Troyakova Hys-Ary, Boinova Nika(Russia) – ‘Aba – Khay'( Live)

Video – Nonevideo

Michael Mayhew (UK) – ‘Rituals of being not being’
Rebecca Cunningham (Australia) -‘1 litre of blood, 1000 kgs of bullets’
Hans H. Schellenberg (Switzerland) – ‘ Istanbul – what is a happiness?’ (DVD)
Henry Gwiazda (USA) – “A doll’s house is” , “Claudia and Paul” (2 – DVD films)
Oliver O. Rednitz (Germany) – ‘A BIT MORE LOVE’
Rebecca Bogue ( British/Brazilian) & Gianluca Bonomo (UK) -‘Susan & Susan’
Agnes Nedregard (Norway/ Scotland) – “Pale Rider” (DVD)
Dmitriy Frolov (Russia) – ‘Specters of the white nights’ (DVD)
Daniel Bataller (Spain) – ‘Painters Knife Rhythm’ (DVD)

Alpha – Betha

Milica Rakic (Serbia) – ‘My name is Red’ (Video art-digital poetry)
Valery Mishin and Tamara Bukovskaia (Russia) – ‘Word – that is all we have’ (performance – Live)
Irina Dudina (Russia) – ‘The songs of oldster gay Maramoev’ (performance – Live)

Some – Thing

AGE multimedia group (Russia)+EvaFutura – “RELICTO” (digital prints)
Jon Kaldan (Denmark) – ‘Unknown V. Tzoy’ (Rare Photos – Posters)
‘White Noise’ – jtwine – Movie machineis net-project that explores Paul Valerys but simply remember between man there are only two relations, War or Logic

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