Official languages of festival – Russian and English.

All documents consider only of these languages !
1. Firstly, fill on an appliction form with brief depiction of you project – with title and indication a Category of Festival. And your data – CV (resume). If you rather write it on the E-mail please, keep attention with the extension of ‘text documents’ : they must be only .DOC – .RTF or .TXT exetntion, nor some others.
2. Before we do not ask you – please, Do not mail any other files, like – .pdf .mov .mpeg etc, all these files and the files with weight more 5mb will be deleted automatically on the mail service.
3. Remember – your first step – is only depict your project (idea) by text.
4. Do not keep us only on the links of source somewhere on the internet sites, we do not check any of them! as before you should write your idea of project – with title and all explanation / depiction.
5. Please, understand us – working with documents on the different extension is a hard job in converting every file to some others, so, please hold the rules.
6. The material e-mailed of none holding the rules does not access for consider.
7. Please, write in the application form the country and your citizenship.
It is tow ways to contribute. One is when you post your Project (material) to ARTZOND, and it will be presented on the program, and included into catalog. It’s available only for recorded production – films and sounds: CD, DVD (or other stuff).
Please, do not post any stuff (objects or DVD) before you did not get our answer of a good decision concerning your project.
One more Note – Reminder to participants – the festival has no one sponsor, so all organizational costs produced by the participants (authors), this fee is voluntary, and is € 150 (EUR) or any equivalent.
These spends are for – publish a catalog of festival, rent and use equipment, management, and office expenses.

You may phone for question : +7(812)315-3383 +7(950)0348745